Change How You Think


Change How You Think

Change How You Think is a great video series, coupled with peer-support, which takes a serious look at the baggage affecting our lives. Our baggage is “stuff” that other people have laid on us, but unfortunately, is now our problem, and getting rid of it is essential to our emotional healing. These videos explain simply how what was done to us can come out years later in how we deal with our partners, our children, and other people. This program helps you learn tools to deal with these difficult topics and this left over baggage.

In very clear, truthful and easy to understand presentations, mixed with humour, Dr. Mullen integrates medical knowledge with biblical truth to address emotional health. The series offers self-diagnosis and a path to recovery and transformation. This approach to emotional freedom; body, soul, and spirit, combined with medical information and spiritual warfare offers a well-balanced teaching on emotional health.

The Change How You Think Series is a great resource for individuals seeking to be emotionally free. Everyone should experience this powerful series.

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