Peer support groups provide a safe space to tell your story where people understand, listen, and validate your experiences. Peer support is proven to improve our well-being and help us develop community, improve self-esteem, confidence, and social skills
Cornerstone at First Assembly

Cornerstone of Hope operates Peer Support Groups at First Assembly Church
Address: 6031 Elbow Drive SW
Beginning the third week of September and January each year.

Registration is now closed for this season.

Next classes commence in September,  2024


Offering HeartZone (ages 4-12), TeensThrive (ages 13+) with adult options ,including: DivorceCare, Single & Parenting, GriefShare, Boundaries, Change How You Think, Smart StepFamilies


BP Church
Address: 16 Bermuda Drive, NW
Tel: 403.275.7133
Offering HeartZone, TeensThrive and adult programs

Registration is now closed for this season.

Next classes commence in September,  2024

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    Note : No Fee for children/youth programs.


    I understand that I am responsible for my children and agree to remain on site during groups. If I do not stay
    on site, I agree to be reachable at all times. I recognize that Cornerstone of Hope is not responsible for
    providing medication to my child, I have informed Cornerstone of Hope of any and all allergies, health
    concerns or behavioural challenges applicable to my family. I will hold medication for my child (only
    exception is for Epipen) and agree to be responsible for administration of same. I agree to not attend a group
    session if my child is sick with a communicable disease.

    I Do Not Consent to the photographing, by way of video, photo, digital camera, or otherwise of myself and/
    or my child/ward and Do Not Consent to the use of such images or video to be used by Cornerstone of
    Hope (“Cornerstone”)
    in promotional material, publications or advertisements, including quotes or
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    claims arising to date or in the future in which I, have or may have by reason of any cause matter or thing
    whatever existing or arising in connection with the use of the Material.
    I hereby certify that I have carefully read this waiver and media use release agreement and understand
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