Cornerstone of Hope is operated by a volunteer group of professionals with a passion for our mission and vision. Each of them brings a unique skillset, making it possible for us to help families live through loss and thrive in the face of adversity. You can discover more about each of them below.


Sarah Moss

Chief Executive Officer

Sarah took over the lead as Chief Executive Office in the summer of 2019. As the face of Cornerstone of Hope, she organizes programs, volunteers, participants, donors, workshops, training, and other events. Sarah began her journey with Cornerstone of Hope in 2010 as a participant, with her two sons, after her marriage of 10 years ended. Recognizing the full benefit and potential of the programs, she began serving as a volunteer in 2013. She is an experienced facilitator for all our programs for adults, children, and teens, and has contributed to the HeartZone and TeensThrive curricula. An entrepreneur and single mom, Sarah is intimately familiar with the needs, mission, and vision of Cornerstone of Hope. She is passionate about continuing and expanding its work.

Dave Hunt HS

Dave Hunt

Board Director

Dave has been a valued and consistent volunteer for Cornerstone of Hope since 2012. He loves children and helping them learn new things, as well as sharing things only life can teach. He is an experienced children’s, teen, and adult facilitator, and serves as co-director for our Annual Summer Retreat. A dedicated promoter and supporter, he earned his social work certification and joined the board in 2021.

Gerry Merk

Gerry Merk

Board Director

A Senior Financial Analyst with a national firm, Gerry has served on the Board of Directors since 2018. A single parent of 2, he is passionate about supporting the needs of families experiencing separation and divorce and advancing the vision of Cornerstone of Hope.


Irene Sanders

Board Director

As a founding member of Cornerstone of Hope, Irene has spent a lifetime ministering to children and families. Her passion is to help families heal. She is a long-standing, valued member of the Board of Directors.

Until her retirement in 2019, Irene also served as program coordinator, program facilitator, trainer, and event planner for many years . She was integral to the development of our HeartZone and TeensThrive Curricula, leading the curriculum teams, submitting activities and ideas, and formatting the Facilitator Guides. She continues to offer prayer-counseling support to many hurting souls inside and outside of Cornerstone of Hope.


Dennis Sanders

Board Consultant / Honorary Board Member

As a founding member of Cornerstone of Hope, Dennis has dedicated his life to ministering to children and families. Since his retirement in 2019, he has continued to support the leadership of Cornerstone of Hope through consulting, and advising the board of directors.

A small business owner, minister, and consultant, Dennis ensured the administrative side of Cornerstone of Hope ran smoothly during his time as CEO. Additionally, he served as program facilitator for our adult programs, as site coordinator, and partner trainer. In honour and recognition of his pivotal role in founding and building Cornerstone of Hope, the board of directors made him a lifelong Honorary Member.